Candymix Small Fixture


Package 2: Small

A ‘ready-to-go’ Pick & Mix package with fixture and stock!

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Number of bins

17 large
Total KGs included85
Size (W x D x H)0.67m x 0.6m x 1.7m


All packages include: 500 regular cups and lids*, scoops, fixture and product


Black & Raspberries, Cherries, Cola Bottles, Crazy Beans, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Fizzy Cherry Bottles, Fried Eggs, Juicy Strawberries, Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs, Milk Chocolate Raisins,  Milk Shake Bottles, Mini Strawberry Cables, Pink & White Mice, Strawberry Rocketz, Red Metre, Teddy Bears, Vanilla Fudge

*if you want to change to change cup size or bags, please add comments in your order.